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Feb 15 12 11:38 PM

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Hey all you old School gurus out there!

I have just started into my first Alaia. Just a bit excited about how its going.

Board made out of Paulowina and Western Red Cedar dowled and laminated ready for first shape up.

Looking for tips on how not to fuck-it-up!

The best one so far is start with a six pack and finish when when they are done!

Will post some photos tomoz.

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Feb 22 12 11:07 PM

Hi All,
Have created a blank!
Used Powlinia Timber with Cedar stringers and rails.
Glue and dowled together using some high strength glue.
Powlinia really moves with moisture levels so don't leave it wrapped up. Let it air so the timber settles down.
Other trick I learnt from Ol' mate down the road! Bend the boards by placing bricks at the ends and some weight in the middle. So now I have glue and dowled he boards together and have some rocka! Gotta help in this old bloke getting it going on wave.

Used a power plane to smoothe out by planing in a cross hatch method which seams to work ok.

Tonight's task is drink a six pack and perfect the outline shape for cutout....

Is it gonna be a crime to put a leg rope anchor in an Alaia? maybe not.

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Mar 5 12 10:57 AM


any surf'n shots yet?


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Mar 6 12 3:35 AM

Nah! the bride has me on chores so the test surf is still hang'n. But I'll post pics ASAP.

But, now looking into how to build a balsa core all wood fish! I have met an old mate in Crescent Head in NSW Australia that is a master. He has a web page called cooper wooden surfboards or something like it. Its gonna be a big step up. Better work on getting the beer fridge operational in the shed.


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