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May 4 11 11:22 AM

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Surfing of course. As much of it as possible. Spending time with my family, my little girl is now six, my son is about 19 months now... and we have a third on the way!! Looks like it will be another little boy. Pretty stoked on that. Job is going well, wifey is great and her job is doing even better than mine!


Almost two years ago I signed my daughter up for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for many good reasons. I actually did quite a bit of research to find the best martial art training for a child, and BJJ and Judo kept on coming to the top of the list. I just so happened to be driving home one afternoon and noticed that a carpet store that had gone out of business and had been replaced by a BJJ school, just a couple blocks from my house. After a week of driving past it I finally pulled in and talked to a couple of the instructors. I had no idea what I was in for. 

So, I took my daughter to one of the classes and she seemed to enjoy it so I continued to take my daughter to the classes. She still loves it and has since then continued training and now she is all the way up to her third belt and working towards her fourth. She's already competed in her first tourney and did great! As for me... well... I could only watch the action so long before I needed to start training myself.  


I started on May 17th of last year. My goals were simple, acquire my blue belt in less than two years and possibly lose some weight & get in better shape. So I have been training hard. Really hard. I was progressing pretty decently, but then noticed that I was not progressing as quickly as I wanted to so I looked at my diet. I made a radical change and switched to the Gracie Diet right after the week of July 4th. By December I had dropped 50 pounds and my bjj had greatly improved. I have kept myself at that weight since. My new goal is to now add 10 pounds of lean muscle to my frame.


Regarding my first goal, it changed. After six or seven months of dedicated training, I was no longer concerned about the belt thing. I just wanted to learn as much good BJJ as I could. I am very lucky to have the levels of instructors that I do. I felt good enough about my training that I decided to put it all on the line and enter the Pan IBJJF Tourney, which is equivalent to the American Championships. I entered in the Senior Division, white belt class along with 18 others from around the world. This is one of the most prestigious events in BJJ, and I was pretty apprehensive. I fought four fights and won my first three and walked away with the Bronze. My family and friends from my BJJ school were all there to watch me and it was HUGE!! I was incredibly happy.

This is me to your left with my head instructor, Professor Fabio Leopoldo (he took Gold in the Masters BlackBelt Heavyweight div.)

A few weeks later, on April 15th, I was presented with my blue belt. I'm pretty stoked.

I still surf most mornings, if not I work out now in the gym. I also train BJJ now most nights for at least an hour or so, right after work on my way home. I've been busy, lol.

So... what have you guys been up to?

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May 5 11 9:15 AM

Well, still no surf this morning. I unfortunelty didn't feel like hitting the gym this morning either. Sparred last night, so I was feeling it this morning. I just wanted to sleep in, never mind hitting the gym. I feel like the weight room the past two weeks is making me look better and getting stronger, but I'm gassing after just a couple of spars. I'm not sure if it's the heat or I'm just sore from the extra workouts with the weights. I know eventually my body will get use to the new workouts I've added, but in the meantime I'm a little frustrated with how it's effecting my bjj.

I also need to start drinking way more water. It's getting hotter & I've added creatine to my diet a couple weeks ago. This means that with the creatine alone I should be drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, now add in all the sweating I've been doing and it might be why I'm gassing earlier than normal. I will try to keep better track of my water intake. Yummy breakfast this morning tho! My wifey hooked me up with some cottage cheese, blueberries, a little yogourt, and topped with some granola and a couple chocolate chips tossed on the top to make it even more appealing. She really is a great woman. She was feeling not so good last night. She is sliding into month #6 of the pregnancy and she is starting to really feel prego, lol. I feel so bad and I'm trying to help around the house more. Really, I am.

My little girl had a pretty cool thing happen yesterday as well. One of the parents came up to the instructor after class and wanted to thank him for having my daughter work with her child and helping the child with their BJJ. They said that she is great with him and that he has learned so much because of her. As my wifey was leaving with my daughter, the Professor called my wife over and introduced her to the other childs parents and they were able to tell my wife all the good things my daughter has been doing for their child. The instrucotrs also asked me last night to thank my daughter again for all the hard work both in her training as well as her helping with the younger classes (the 3 to 5 year old class, my daughter is 6, lol).  It really was one of those "proud papa" moments. Pretty cool!

Ahhh... so... on to glass of water number 3 for the day...

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May 9 11 10:12 AM

That's awesome, this whole post reminds me of Joe Rogan's podcast which I've been listening to for the last 6 months or so. That guy is hilarious and has a lot of interesting discussions. He's really into BJJ and says most of the guys including himself like to roll at practices after a little tockage. I've been interested in trying it but I'd probably want to do some physical training first, it's also pretty expensive. One of my roommates was taking some classes before he moved out of the country and really liked it.

Rogan's podcast is pretty much setup in his home most of the time and he ends up getting stoned with his co-host and his guest, if they are willing, and they just sit around and talk about random stuff for a couple hours. Sometimes it's the funniest shit in the world, other times it's just really interesting and there's barely anything funny, the diversity is what really makes it great I think.

Rogan's also really into what is spirituality and is interested in the mysticism behind various psychedelic substances, which is a topic I find really enjoyable.

Another reason I bring him up is cause he also has a couple of young children and lives in TO area somewhere.

If you haven't heard much of his comedy before, his 2005 comedy special is epic..

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May 14 12 7:17 AM

This is my token post that I need to make every six months or so. This keeps this forum from being archived. Who knows.. I might start this sucker up again one day.
Still surfing (been doing a lot of hand planning lately) and doing BJJ.
Family is great.
Lol... the post has been made.
Take care y'all.

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