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Feb 9 11 3:00 PM

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is there anybody out there?
i was looking for the mofo forum....
maybe i got the wrong place...
if not...



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Mar 20 11 4:06 PM

Hey, McShots! I might be moving out to your neck of the woods. I'm looking at relocating to El Segundo/Inglewood/Hawthorne West of the 405. You gonna dawn patrol with me at... that spot, if it happens? I'll be out 7AM-ish most days. Man, I can't wait. Bike to surf, bike to work, sounds like heaven. My biggest dilemma will be whether to get up at 6:30 (instead of 4:30) or whether to just take an extra 30 mins for a liquid lunch instead.

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May 12 11 10:01 PM

Hey B ...
How the heck are ya? Been having some crazy weather here for the last two weeks. Power went this afternoon... Anahola /Moloa'a was getting 4 inch's an hour today for a while. Thunder / lighning all over hell. .. Hanalei River went 6 foot ABOVE it's 6 foot flood stage mark and blew the Hanalei River mouth wide open... the boat ramp got washed out......again. some exciting poop going on.

Hope all is well with You and Your's... & your getting a lil work in...
Deb's still in her shop...
I'm above ground...
Take Care ... Pardner,

"just makin my way through life on the face, of a wave"

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