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Jan 29 11 10:46 PM

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I hope this post is in no way considered disrespectful. 

I was along-time lurker at the Surfline forums, and had the great displeasure of starting participation only weeks before it got shut down. I made it to waterdog, which was overrun by a nut-job political troll, and followed once again to mofosurfer.

Well, I want to tell everyone about a forum I started this summer. It's kind of cool for one primary reason: It's the Seinfeld show of forums. It's a forum about nothing.

Everyone posts what they are up to, what they want to be when they grow up, what they just ate. You get the idea. There are about 20 daily posters and 30 more folks who check in every once in a while.

Anyway, it's not quite surf themed, but if you're looking for a free forum that's full of genuinely good people (I've met several of them in person) I invite you to come over and check it out.

By the way, I bought a 1977 Dodge Tradesman 200 today. Rebuilt Dodge 360 V8, all oak interior. Ready for Baja, or wherever the thing may take me. 

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Feb 3 11 11:57 AM

lol, looks like the "nut-job political troll" was right about Obama being a neocon warhawk and continuing Bush's policies of torture, empire, and spying on Americans.. He's expanded our overseas wars, empire and bailed out all the big banks with even more taxpayer money than Bush.. that makes him worse than Bush, which a few years ago was difficult to even conceive of.

We also have Fox News' Judge Napolitano and Geraldo Rivera reporting that building 7 was likely demolished and that 9/11 probably didn't happen the way the government told us. Of course, if it isn't important to you who killed 3,000 Americans that led to an occupational war overseas in your name that has killed millions of innocent people, then I guess it doesn't require a soul to paddle out afterall.

BTW, thanks in small part to "nutjob political troll", Ron Paul's son, Rand Paul, is now the Senator of Kentucky. The Liberty movement is in full swing, son. Better jump onboard before you get left behind, or before we have our way of life confiscated from us, and that would probably mean no more surfing for most or all of us.

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Feb 4 11 4:50 PM

Sure, talk about all that but don't address the core issue THE FACT THAT YOU SINGLE HANDEDLY DESTROYED AN ONLINE COMMUNITY.

You owe everyone an apology. Be a man and own up to what you did.

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Feb 5 11 8:18 PM

That's bullshit, I was the motivating factor for creating wd in the first place, and activism was something that I and the creator thought was important for surfers to tap into and was initially the whole focus of the forum.. There was an entire section dedicated for surf ONLY talk for those who wanted to avoid it.

I constantly posted political activism related threads from the beginning. I never increased or decreased the amount of political threads I posted. The forum grew to be pretty big and we had a lot of interesting discussions. For months and months everything was working out great, plenty of diverse opinions and a lot of people participating. For you to say that my actions, which were consistent and helped to grow the second community in the first place, some how destroyed the community is incorrect.

Then enters you-know-who, the anti-activist who loved coming in and making fun of people who thought for themselves and didn't believe in the establishment. He had so much emotion invested in 'the system' that he couldn't stand other people talking about how bullshit it all is. He decided to start a war and wouldn't stop bitching and bitching to change the forum that didn't need changing, constantly posting and trying to convert others to feel negatively towards the forum instead of ACTIVELY making it the way they wanted it by increasing discussion of surf related topics. I was not the one that caused the divisiveness. 

Then there is the fact that this forum died, and it had nothing to do with me. Maybe it was facebook, maybe it was Mudd, or maybe it was because you can't talk about surfing all god damn day even if it is the greatest thing ever.  There's a big world out there with a lot of things happening, why can't surfers get together and talk about them? That is what I never understood about your little crew of negativity you were a part of, you have this attitude that surfers should only get together and talk about surfing. If that's how you feel, fine, just talk to other surfers about surfing. But why do you have to be like the god damn Gestapo and stop everybody else from doing it??

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Feb 6 11 7:24 PM

Everyone abandoned Waterdog because of you. That's a fact. Deal with it.

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#5 [url]

Feb 9 11 10:13 AM

No, everybody left because a few people were stirring up shit and it was creating a bunch of bullshit angry threads like this one, and EVERYBODY was getting tired of it including myself. A new forum was created where that wouldn't exist anymore. I wasn't the one who started the bullshit angry threads, just like I didn't start it up this time either. You started it in the 1st post of this thread.

If you even READ my post, you would see that there lots of people there and we were doing just fine for several months before the whiners started perking up and destroying everything. I DIDN'T START THAT SHIT. So stop blaming it on me.

If you could READ my post and comprehend the fact that when that board started, and grew, I was posting the exact same shit and other people were participating and it was going just fine. If what you are saying was true, that board would have never seen a successful run of several months without any problems. The problems started when the whiners came in and instead of creating more surf talk in the surf forum, they decided to destroy the political discussion forum of which they were too emotionally and intellectually immature to participate.

Let's deal in logic here, not bullshit emotional responses.

Logic. I used to post about Ron Paul a lot. The complaint either was that it was simply about politics, or that he was a fringe candidate not worth talking about. Now his son is a Senator and changing the face of American politics for the better. Ron Paul himself won CPAC last year, will probably win again this weekend, and will probably run for President again and is already polling 5 to 10 times higher than the bullshit polls that were being published back during the '08 primary season. In fact, a Rasmussen poll came out yesterday showing Ron Paul doing better against Obama than Sarah Palin by quite a margin and he hasn't even announced yet. This is an up and coming movement, it is the only way to stop our tax dollars from murdering millions of innocent people overseas as Obama clearly has expanded our overseas empire, continued the wars and torture, and pretty much all of Bush's policies. I was offering you people some knowledge of something real, something good and wholesome, something you could go to the beach, go surfing and be happy about your future instead of having to justify being in part responsible for murdering millions of innocent people, however you are able to do it, I'm not sure. There WERE in fact people on that board who were interested in the liberty movement, and just because a few vocal people had no interest, they took it upon themselves to bitch about it over and over until it was taken down. Then you have the gall to blame me. That's rich.

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#6 [url]

Feb 14 11 12:57 PM

Dannno, is that you?
You need to chill out man. I'm not going to go as far as saying that you took down WD, but you certainly didn't help. I think the way you replied to LA's post is a perfect example.
I miss the surfline days. BarryFriedly, Mofo, Rez, LBsurfdude, Surfermo etc. all the old faces I chatted with for years when I was freezing in Switzerland.

Sure, you posted some rants there but you were more contained. Or maybe you were more easily ingored in the sea of posts.

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#7 [url]

Feb 14 11 4:19 PM

Hey Zen,

Good to see you here, man..

I was simply replying to the OP's slander, he made the comment "I made it to waterdog, which was overrun by a nut-job political troll, and followed once again to mofosurfer."

Had he not made that comment, none of the posts I made would appear in this thread. I am simply defending myself. I mean, I make like 1 thread a month here now, and I'm one of the only people who post here. The place is dead. I made a few anonymous posts when I saw this place was going downhil because despite my lack of participation I was hopeful it would work out for you guys. I'd still love to have some lively discussions with people, especially about stuff other than what happened at waterdog, but if others continue to attack me I will continue to defend myself.

I did not "over-run the place" in any way, shape or form. I helped start the place and brought people there.  It was great for a while with a lot of people hanging out with a variety of topics being discussed, until others started causing trouble and trying to direct the forum by decree rather than by creating a place they themselves wanted to be. There was an entire separate surf forum where politics was not allowed to be discussed, yet they complained about politics being discussed, and not enough surfing. It's like crying that there are never any waves when it is always OH and offshore right outside your door. The only rational explanation I can come up with for their behavior is that people who crave power and control over others often use doublespeak and avoid logic. I'm simply inserting said logic into the conversation to help others understand who may be confused.


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