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Oct 29 10 10:13 AM

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One of my friends is getting a SCRAM alcohol monitoring bracelet like Lindsey Lohan.. All for blowing a .08 after having only two's total BS.

So these bracelets, you can wear them in the shower, they are water resistant, but apparently you cannot immerse them in water.

This guy is just as obsessed with surfing as anybody I've known and is having a REALLY hard time with this whole thing, if you can imagine.. especially with winter coming up..

It doesn't seem like it would be that hard to use some sort of plastic bag and elastic or otherwise to cover the bracelet, then slip the wetsuit over that.. maybe not paddle out into anything too big, surf more points and places with channels to paddle out in, ride a bigger board, etc..

I was thinking about some how getting a ring of dry suit material to put directly over it, then maybe some plastic on top of that, and then wetsuit over the whole thing. The concern, of course, is that if it is damaged it costs like $600 to replace.. so the solution has to be fairly full-proof.

Any ideas?

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