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surfbeachsighting is sad about the shark attack at Surf Beach

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Oct 25 10 1:42 PM

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But surfbeachsighting is obviously not surprised about the shark attack at Surf Beach.

Surfed there two years ago. December 19, 2008. Dawn. Air. 38 degrees. Water. 52 degrees max. Wind. 20-30 mph  super chilly offshores. Waves. OH, peeling almost a quarter mile out over the few, well defined and distantly spaced sandbars all the way into the shore break.

Put on all the rubber I had and paddled out with my buddy.

Paddled ALL the way out to where the sets were peaking on the outside. Waiting for sets. Eyes wide open, constantly looking around for fins, trying to see if I could see anything in the water. Extremely eerie. Never been so freaked out about sharks out in the water in my life. Got a few LOONG rides. Got numb. Paddled in.

Two days later. 18' great white sighted at Surf Beach. Never went back.

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