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Jul 1 10 6:49 PM

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It seems everything has gone bad to worse. From the Wars, Economy,  Katrina and now the Gulf.
It seems the eyes are closed to all we had...

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Jul 7 10 1:08 PM

It seems our government just doesn't care . It ain't the drilling its the spilling 


A lot of people have this notion that the government is some how this big benevolent, monolithic savior that can come in a fix all of mankind's troubles... I mean, after all, that is how politicians present the government during elections. Promising everything, asking for nothing but "your vote". Then taking everything for themselves and their friends, and giving next to nothing back to humanity.

It's too bad our government capped the liability for oil spills at $75 million.. In a truly free society where government's duty is simply to protect individual's life and property, BP would be responsible for all damages to businesses and to the property and the environment. They would have to sell all of their assets to other drilling companies who have the capital to take them, and then BP would be bankrupt, as they should be. Unfortunately they are going to be around for a long time all because of environmental regulations. It also looks like the taxpayers are going to be held responsible for much of the damages. Until BP is completely bankrupt, that is just reprehensible to me.

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