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May 26 10 6:02 AM

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I have decided the longboard vs. shortboard conflict is all about deck envy:

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May 26 10 6:32 PM

That's gene Cooper of Cooperfish with his Bing collection.

PS: The reply function isn't working in Firefox. Text area does not appear. Had to switch to IE to write this.

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May 31 10 5:28 AM

John Cherry's "Quiver" has always given me a HUGE boner!
 esp the full sized balsa repro Simmons..(among others)...
 But kudos on cooper's collection of "Bing's"!
   It seems to me that the shorty vs longy surfboard thing just always comes up more in the summer when the "Seasonal" surf crowd hits.....Probably the best and most real fix to any potential problems is good old fasioned "Local Enforcers" and everybody in the water having a good knowledge of the Line Up Protocols!  Give some to Get some!

Click here to view the attachment

Remember what happened to Dana Point! Don't let Developers EVER steal our Surfbreaks!

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Jun 3 10 12:42 PM

Well "MO!" since there IS only 2 kine longboards can get you UP!
 Here are some pics of One Kine to give you a WET DREAM!


It is not a dream It is a real fact....Where is the Kahanamoku...?

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