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Apr 2 10 5:54 AM

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So I am terrible about updating my status... but does anyone else have trouble logging in here?  Besides the point, I did the change my password to login and had did a big write up about my latest adventures, only to accidentaly double tap my laptop mouse pad and lose it all to google search, bullocks.

But long story shortish, I moved to Waikiki a few months ago, things have been pretty sweet.  Then a few nights ago some local guys decided I was "that guy" and decided to jump me.  Me and my roomates were having a night out, I was a bit on the piss but not a lost cause.  So we were all walking back to our house and I stopped to talk to one of the hand out flyer guys (on Kuhio for those that know the area).  It was only around 11:30pm so like i said i wasn't even close to full tilt.  Anyways, stopped to talk to flyer guy for a bit and next thing i know i hear a bunch of hooting and hollaring to my side and i get a one two sucker punch from the side.  Gain myself for a second and enough to let out a "what the fuck" before 2-3 guys come at me, from that point on I just saw flashes of white as they came at me... never good when you're the 1 against the 3.  I got pretty lucky I reckon, if I would have gotten knocked out or knocked down I would have probably been taking kicks to the face instead of fist... gotta love the stubborn Nebraska side of me. Anyways, their fist did more then enough:  I have two black eyes, one filled with blood.  Split lip and I can't feel my top six front teeth.  I'm 99% sure I have a fractured cheek bone/crushed sinus cavity because I can move my cheek bone and when I blow my nose my eye swelles shut from the pressure and I can just push the liquid back in.  So yeah, wrong place wrong time, but welcome to waikiki??  Haha, the iceing on the cake is my insurance sucks so bad that I can't go get x-rays or checked up because it will cost me a bunch out of pocket, and on TOP OF THAT, i got called in for a job interview at a high end hotel here but I can't obviously go in for an interview with my face all puffed up and bruised.  Fucking aye yeah?  Is what it is I reckon and karma will come back on them.  Bruises and bones heal and I'm still on top of the world as far as life goes, just hope there's no permanent damange.  And yes, I'll post pics just for your sick amusement, what kind of friend would I be otherwise if you couldn't get a laugh out of me?? haha. 

On a side note, anyone know a good blog site?  I know I promised my surgery story plus i have a lot of other stories that i've already started writing, just need the motivation I guess.  In the mean time, if any of you want to see some pictures of my travels or keep up on what i've been doing, i currently have facebook.  Just add Brandon Soukup, my profile picture is of me getting barreled at Kandui's in Indo :)

All the best,

The first picture is of right after I got jumped when I got back home

The second picture is the next morning when the bruising started to settle in... trust me, the bruising and swelling got a lot worse after :(

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