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Mar 3 10 12:08 PM

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Hey all,

I'm back! How is everyone doing?

Some friends of mine and I are headed to the North Shore in April!

We'll be there from April 17 - 26. Staying in a (hopefully) clean 2br Condo.

Anyone be in the area at the same time? We'll probably surf in waves up to 10' californian (Heard that time in april, the surf might be 2-8ft CA- is that correct?). Also we'll want to scuba dive, I believe we're close to a turtle bay golf course.

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Feb 2 11 4:53 PM

hey all long time.

so it was pretty windy on our trip but thursday the waves got BIG. i was out at hali'ewa ali'i on the outside and saw some rollers coming in.

they looked to be a mile+ or so away down the beach to the west so i wouldnt have even though they would make it east to us. but the locals paddled out. i didnt... haha

as they approached they were getting closer and closer until i realized oh sh... they are coming for ali'i. i paddled and barely made it over the top of a double overhead. i kept going then when i was safe i turned and looked back and my buddy was missing. so were many others... cleanup set style.

i kept an eye out for him but after a while i was gettin worried from not seeing him so i went in. found him standing on the shore and he said "i hope you didn't come in cause of me"... doh!

we stayed in turtle bay. surfed turtle bay, and a few other places. dove at this sharks reef thing (cant remember the name), loved this sandwich shop in hale'iwa, surfed/hung out with xena, saw all the turtles in the water (that was rad!) hiked around a bit to the west of hale'iwa, took the waimea trail to the waterfall, and all sorts of other fun nonsense. had a blast. the people reminded me a lot of people in Ocean Beach here in SD so it was great peoplewatching. i want to go back soon.

i have a lot of pics from the DOH day and our other adventures on my facebook, friend me to see them:

my board big blue broke at north ponto in overhead surf so i havent been surfing the last year - this hawaii trip was my one and only surf since feb 2010. im so fat and out of surf shape haha. but im having a new board shaped by dan cobley, he's awesome, i can't wait to see it!

talk to you all soon,

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