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Feb 2 10 11:58 AM

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Saturday night
April 17, 2010

Preacher Herb will perform opening ceremony of medicinal smoke and some surf songs.

Benefit concert for cancer. 

Headliners are:

1) Robbin Ford
2) (don't know band name) some ex members of Jerry Garcia Band

more info to follow....

Converge and save your surfing soul

Preacher Herb is the messenger of the cosmos.

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Feb 2 10 12:08 PM

Hello everyone, all is fine here.  I did not surf for a long time because of a shoulder injury.  However, I went out twice a couple of weeks ago when it was head high.  Didn't have a high wave count, but I was glad just to be out again.  Got one good noseride so I am stoked off that!

I've been playing in a classic rock band called Mister Twister mostly at the Bombay Bar in Ventura.  We are going to record some tunes for a CD this Saturday.  We do five of my originals.

April 17 will be fun at the Ventura Theatre.

April 18, Sunday night from 10 to midnight on FM 95.9 "The Octopus" radio station.  Live broadcast of the ceremony of the smoke to usher in the Feast Day of 420 (April 20).  Preacher Herb live on the radio.  "Honk your horn for Hemp!"  That is always fun and full of surprises.

I hope everyone is scoring good waves.


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Apr 15 10 5:14 AM

This Saturday night at the Ventura Theatre.

Preacher Herb goes on about 7pm

Sunday, on the radio 95.9FM "Grateful Grooves" 10pm

Preacher Herb will bless your seeds and perform the ceremony of the smoke.

Save your surfing soul with Preacher Herb

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Apr 16 10 12:54 AM

Have fun with this gig, and "Knock Em Dead!"
 My Heart will be with you on this one, Even though
 I won't be able to be there...

Remember what happened to Dana Point! Don't let Developers EVER steal our Surfbreaks!

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