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Jun 9 09 1:58 PM

Interesting ...

I got my first 4.0 GPA when I transferred to the Univ. of TX and became a regular stoner.  After two years of regularly sampling Austin's finest bud, I graduated from the Univ. of TX with highest honors and a 3.95.  I was accepted into a top 10 medical school.  After 2 years of that crap, I decided my life was being sucked dry by the social program for America.

I quit med-school.  Got my Ph.D. with a 4.0 (still smoking) from TX A&M.  Now our country pays me to tell them what to do and how to do it.  (I finally quit smoking to avoid social issues in rural America).  Some of my finest work was done as a stoner.   Hee... Hee... Hee...

Beware the heathen devil weed...  WE ARE the the technocracy.

LMAO grin

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Jun 9 09 2:10 PM

The Los Angeles City Council holding the first of several hearings on Tuesday to determine whether medical marijuana dispensaries can continue to operate.
Some of the owners of the dispensaries are expected to appear before the Council to make their argument.

The Council wants to eliminate a loophole in an ordinance has allowed hundreds of medical marijuana dispensaries to open and operate in spite of a city ban on new clinics. The City Council had approved a two-year ban in 2007 on medical marijuana dispensaries in order to give leaders time to draft regulations to limit where and how the dispensaries can operate in Los Angeles.
Clinics that were already established were allowed to remain open if they met some requirements, but owners began filing hardship exemptions, which then allowed owners to offer an argument for why they should stay in business without fulfilling the requirements.

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Jun 9 09 2:13 PM

Actually, Brye was just being a smart ass. I have a feeling his supervisors burn. He also knows a lot of people who are smart, educated, wealthy, and happy who burn. He just likes to bust on them.
I only know because we have a lot of the same friends. grin

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Jun 9 09 2:16 PM

The Council wants to eliminate a loophole in an ordinance has allowed hundreds of medical marijuana dispensaries to open and operate in spite of a city ban on new clinics. The City Council had approved a two-year ban in 2007 on medical marijuana dispensaries in order to give leaders time to draft regulations to limit where and how the dispensaries can operate in Los Angeles.
Clinics that were already established were allowed to remain open if they met some requirements, but owners began filing hardship exemptions, which then allowed owners to offer an argument for why they should stay in business without fulfilling the requirements.


cause of the filing hardship exemption there's more marijuana dispensaries in the city of LA than there are Starbucks.  good time to get a drug dealer?

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Jun 9 09 2:24 PM

Well, the city makes far more money off these shops then they ever did from a Starbucks. Now, if they used these funds correctly and put them towards education, rehab, and job placement programs there would be less crime overall. But that's too long term thinking, right?

Oh, and just out of curiousity, if yoiu live in LA and the city shuts these shops down, are you willing to increase your taxes to make up for these losses? I mean education, police and fire services, emergency services, they all get funding through the city coffer. Do you think these services would feel it if the shops were actually shut down? Because I'm sure that the MILLIONS in revenue that these shops created last year in taxes would be a sizable chunk of income that you and the rest of the city would miss big time, and have to find a way to fill that void.

Short term thinking. It never does anybody any good.
They need to do this correctly.  

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Jun 10 09 6:33 AM

I think it's fine if they legalize drugs, but it won't solve the problem of violence. The same violent people that were attracted to the illegal drug market will just move on to something else and remain violent. The way you deal with criminals is you lock their asses up. The way you deal with murderers is you hang them. But as far as drug legalization, I can go along with that.

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Jun 10 09 6:44 AM

Why does every business have to be a source of revenue for government?

Screw government. Government collects enough money. The government deserves to be broke. I like it that California is running a deficit. That suits me fine.

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Jun 10 09 7:30 AM

You're right, too a point. The government does collect enough money. But I would much rather pay sales tax than income tax to my local state government any day. It's all the federal taxes that I have a hard time with. I have no problem with making a purchase locally and it funding education, emergency services, water services, etc at the local and state level. They need an income for that. The reason that I brought that up (the taxes that are collected from these shops) is that it is a strong argument to make when a state is indeed broke and in need of income. Even those who are on the fence might see this as a viable argument.

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Jun 10 09 8:07 AM

What up Bluegrasssurfer,

Mofo's right......I am just bustin balls.  I don't burn but most my friends do and the the brass of my company do to.  However your response reminds me of a story....

I used to be sponsored for racing mountain bikes when I was young dumb and full get the point.  I was 18 years old traveled for a race a opted to sleep at a friends house instead of the hotel.  Ended up drinking till 4:00am just to wake up at 5:30 and rush to the race for a 6:00am start time.  Gun goes off and I am being passed left and right and felt like shit.  Around mile 1 I leaned over the side of my bike and puked my brains out (To the cheer of adoring fan along the coarse).  After that I felt great besides forgetting my water bottle.

Long story short, I end up winning the race with my parents jumping up and down on the finish line.  I told them the story of drinking and puking and that I have been flaking on training but still one the race.  My dads response was.  "Brian, natural talent will only get you so far, just think what you could do with it if you did train and did not drink yourself stupid before races."

I live by balancing fun and getting things done and most my friends do to.  Can't be all business.  Well except for Mofo........that guy used to be in advanced classes growing up, and know he stares at OJ bottles because they say concentrate. LMAO  Well at least until he see something shiny or a butterfly crosses his path.  Cheers Buddy.......

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#50 [url]

Jun 10 09 8:58 AM

Government collects way more than enough to provide basic services as it is.

The goverment is not a day care center or a clinic. It isn't the governments job to feed your kids, buy you groceries,  pay your medical bills, and walk your dog.

The government is there to put out forest fires, clear traffic accidents, and lock up criminals.

It has way more than enough to do that already.

Let the people that can't run their own affairs starve for all I care .Let their kids starve too.

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Jun 10 09 10:16 AM

Wow this feed got political and off topic real quick.  One minute, I'm smoking a joint hoping it would be legal, the next I waiting for somebody from the FBI (Forcing Baby-batter Injects) to come grab "penis" so I can say it was their fault and I need them to pay for my kid's education and heath care............Kinda half with you on what the feds should pay for though.  Speaks to my Libertarian Ass

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Jun 11 09 2:20 PM

U.S. drug czar calls for end to "war on drugs"
Mon Jun 8, 2009 2:26pm EDT

By Andy Sullivan
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Obama administration's top drug cop plans to spend more money on treating addiction and scale down the "war on drugs" rhetoric as part of an overhaul of U.S. counternarcotics strategy.

But don't expect the White House to consider legalizing marijuana, drug czar Gil Kerlikowske said on Friday.

"The discussion about legalization is not a part of the president's vocabulary under any circumstances and it's not a part of mine," Kerlikowske said in a telephone interview.
As head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, Kerlikowske coordinates the efforts of 32 government agencies to limit illicit drug use.
He has been in office less than a month, but the Obama administration has already taken a less confrontational approach to the nation's 35 million illegal drug users.
The FBI is no longer raiding state-approved facilities that distribute marijuana for medical purposes, and the White House has told Congress to eliminate the sentencing disparity between powder and crack cocaine.

Kerlikowske said he hopes to ditch the chest-thumping military rhetoric at the center of U.S. policy since President Nixon first declared a "war on drugs" 40 years ago.
"We should stop using the metaphor about the war on drugs," said Kerlikowske, a career police officer who headed the Justice Department's community-policing initiative under President Clinton. "People look at it as a war on them, and frankly we're not at war with the people of this country."

Nevertheless, Kerlikowske also plans to disrupt trafficking across the Mexican border through a new focus on the guns and cash that travel south, as well as the drugs coming north.
U.S. drug policy has been criticized for focusing too much on fighting supplies from Colombia and other countries in South America and not enough on curbing demand at home, the world's largest drug market.


Kerlikowske said a more balanced approach was needed, with greater emphasis on treatment programs, especially in prisons.
"It's clear that if they go to prison and they have a drug problem and you don't treat it and they return ... to the same neighborhood from whence they came that you are going to have the same problem," he said. "Quite frankly people in neighborhoods, police officers, et cetera, are tired of recycling the problem. Let's try and fix it."
Obama, who described youthful marijuana and cocaine use in his autobiography, has proposed a budget for the fiscal year starting in October that boosts funding for substance abuse programs by 4 percent to $3.6 billion.

Needle exchanges for intravenous drug users, now banned at the federal level, will be considered a healthcare issue, he said. 
As Seattle police chief, Kerlikowske worked in a city that ran a needle-exchange program, celebrates an annual "Hempfest" that draws tens of thousands of marijuana smokers, and passed a referendum that made enforcing marijuana laws the department's lowest priority.
Other state and local governments have loosened their marijuana laws as well. Medical marijuana is now legal in 13 states, and California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger last month welcomed a public debate about proposals to legalize and tax the drug.
While that's not going to happen on the federal level, Kerlikowske suggested the government should devote less effort to prosecuting nonviolent drug users.
"We have finite resources," he said. "We need to devote those finite resources toward those people who are the most dangerous to the community."

(Editing by Doina Chiacu)

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#54 [url]

Jun 15 09 8:29 AM

Marijuana Damages DNA and May Cause Cancer

  •  Sat Jun 13, 12:01 pm ET
A lot of studies have shown marijuana is not good for you. It can fry the brain and contribute to psychosis. The latest one finds "convincing evidence" that marijuana smoke damages the genetic material DNA in ways that could increase the risk of cancer.
Toxic substances in tobacco smoke can damage DNA and increase the risk of lung and other cancers. However, there has been uncertainty over whether marijuana smoke has the same effect.
Scientists are especially concerned about the toxicity of acetaldehyde, present in both tobacco and marijuana. However, it has been difficult to measure DNA damage from acetaldehyde with conventional tests.
Using a highly sensitive new method called modified mass spectrometry, Rajinder Singh at the University of Leicester and colleagues found the data they sought, they report in the June 15 issue of Chemical Research in Toxicology, a journal of the American Chemical Society.
"These results provide evidence for the DNA damaging potential of cannabis [marijuana] smoke, implying that the consumption of cannabis cigarettes may be detrimental to human health with the possibility to initiate cancer development," the researchers write. "The data obtained from this study suggesting the DNA damaging potential of cannabis smoke highlight the need for stringent regulation of the consumption of cannabis cigarettes, thus limiting the development of adverse health effects such as cancer."
Earlier this year, a separate study found evidence that adolescents and young adults who smoked a lot of marijuana are more likely than non-users to have disrupted brain development. Research in 2007 found pot smokers have on average a 41 percent increased risk of developing psychotic disorders later in life.
The study was funded by the European Union Network of Excellence, the Medical Research Council and other groups.

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#56 [url]

Jun 15 09 12:35 PM

Still think it should be legal, but if coffee has these same affects then you are screwed no matter what.  I will get you a straight jacket and a padded room for your 40th B-day.  That way your all prepared for when the psychotic disorders set in. LOLdevil

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#57 [url]

Jun 15 09 2:27 PM

The fact that words like "fry the brain" are used in that article makes it smell like spin to me. I wouldn't doubt the findings, but how much do you need to smoke?

Nothing beats eating it. Slow up, long plateau and enjoy the riiiiiide. Kind of like paddling into a good size wave on an 11 foot board while the wave is still just a swell.

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#58 [url]

Jun 15 09 3:32 PM

Everything damages DNA. DNA is extremely fragile and is damaged on contact with anything. The older you get the fewer of our cells there are that can divide. It is a given that you will die  eventually for this reason.

Friggin vitamin C would damage a DNA molecule.

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#59 [url]

Jun 15 09 3:41 PM

I think if cannabis caused cancer they would have ample evidence by now. A lot of people smoke it, after all. To the contrary, there have been zero studies linking cannabis use to actual cases of lung cancer. In fact there are a lot of studies that have shown cannabis to shrink tumor growth, and here is one such study from Harvard University.

This idea is corroborated by another study here with an even better explanation:

"THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, causes brain cancer cells to undergo a process called autophagy in which cells feed upon themselves, according to a study conducted by Guillermo Velasco and colleagues at Complutense University in Spain. Using mice designed to carry human brain cancer tumors, the researchers found that the growth of the tumors shrank when the animals received THC. The study also involved two patients with glioblastoma multiforme, a highly aggressive form of brain cancer."

Brye, it seems as though you are attempting to incite a specific reaction from cannabis users. Why is that? Wouldn't you prefer to incite said reaction from the authortarian side of the debate and propagate the correct position?

You seem to like to make fun of stoners for being dumb. Well, here is a study showing that cannabis aids in the development of brain cells:

A new study indicates that the cannabinoid compound in marijuana could be good for the brain, as well as treat mood disorders. A report in the November issue of the Journal of Clinical Investigation suggests that unlike other drugs such as nicotine and heroin, which suppress the development of brain cells, cannabinoids do not damage neurons, and in fact promote their growth.

I just graduated with a Masters in Science with a 4.0 GPA. I have been toking daily for nearly 10 years. Most of the smartest people I have ever known toke up. Why do you choose to propogate such a myth, even in such a joking manner?

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#60 [url]

Jun 15 09 6:21 PM

I think if you smoke anything you can get some form of cancer or lung damage. That goes without saying...

Chronic marijuana use is probably bad for you.

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